General GoPro Forums List

These general forums cover all aspects of GoPro use and support. Learn about DIY mounts, hacks, editing and repairs. The following six forums also cover most sports and have large, active communities.

1. GoPro Fanatics Forum

This site publishes regular, weekly blog posts and has a very active community. The blog posts are mostly GoPro news and some tips. Site includes a blog, forum, and store. Visit GoPro Fanatics Forum

2. GoPro Support Hub

This is the official GoPro forum – their “GoPro Support Hub”. Despite the potential, they seem to lack community involvement. But, they did only launch in August 2015. Their rank/badge system is likely to encourage users – although it’s just in its infancy.

Visit GoPro Community Forum

3. GoPro Subreddit

For the latest GoPro videos and photos, this is a good place to start. While you can ask some questions, this isn’t your traditional forum. If you are familiar with (and understand) Reddit, this might be the forum for you. Otherwise, there are better options. Visit GoPro Subreddit

4. LinkedIn GoPro Camera Group 

This community boast 3700+ members. In comparison with the other general forums, this one is a little quiet. With the recent (Nov. 16, 2015) change to LinkedIn Groups, this might come back to life. Visit LinkedIn GoPro Camera

5. GoPro Forums

This is a fairly active site with daily activity. Although the site owners stopped publishing site updates back in July of this year, there is still an active community.

The forum is divided into the following sections: Community, General Discussions, Hero Cameras, Video Software & Editing, GoPro Troubleshooting Problems & Repair, GoPro Videos, GoPro Classifieds, Lounge, Vendor Section.

There are thousands of posts under each category. Visit GoPro Forums

Google+ GoPro Community is the largest GoPro community on Google+. There are 19,086 members of the community. I have seen some interaction, but overall, it is like the rest of Google+, abandoned.

I am not including the DIY GoPro Forum in the list, because the site appears to be abandoned. They have only published once in the last 18 months and the forum is gated so it’s impossible to see if there is any content there.

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